Tyre Products & Services
From everyday passenger car tyres to specialised vehicle tyres, we have products and services to meet all your motoring needs. We aim to achieve high-level balance while combining comfort, security, durability, and advanced technology.
Tyre Sales
We offer an extensive range of tyre products to meet all your motoring needs. 
Tyre Health Check
Tests and insights include pressure, pavement test, trade-wear, cracks, puncture, misalignment, etc.  
Puncture Repair
Repairs from the inside using mini combi patches which last for the life of the tyre. 
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen in tyres leads to longevity, enhances driving comfort and improves mileage.
Tyre Rotation
Timely rotation of tyres helps to optimise & extends life.​
Free Tyre Consultation
Our team of experienced experts will help you choose the right tyre, pressure and care that enhances your tyre’s life and safety.
Buy tyres or book an appointment
Just call our toll free number 800 TYRES (89737), send us a WhatsApp message (+971 800 89737) or visit one of our locations, our team will be very happy to assist you. Walk in customers are also welcome.
Extensive range of tyre brands
Apart from our partners Dunlop and Falken, our branches also offer all major tyre brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, Yokohama and Hankook. 
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