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ProShop is a one stop shop and a maintenance hub for the complete range of auto products and services that can help you keep your vehicles safe on the roads.

We provide free battery test for your vehicle ensuring that a dead or near dead battery is replaced at the right time. View details.
Our technicians can effectively analyse the brake condition and replace brake pads, brake discs, calipers with original parts. Learn more.
Oil change maintains lubrication, cools components, removes wear particles, improves mileage and promotes longevity.  Read more.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen in tyres helps improve life span, enhances driving comfort and improves overall mileage. Learn more about our tyre services.
Servicing & Repairs
Professional under bonnet services in addition to periodic maintenance for suspensions, brake systems, filters, fluids and lubes. View details.
Tyre Sales
From everyday passenger car tyres to specialised vehicle tyres, we have products and services to meet all your motoring needs. Learn more.
Tyre Repair
Repairs from the inside using mini combi patches which last for the life of the tyre. Learn more about our tyre products & services.
Tyre Rotation
Timely rotation of tyres helps optimise and prolongs life. ​Learn more about our tyre products and services.
Wheel Alignment
Adjust your wheel angles to original specs for best fuel mileage, proper road contact, a smooth ride, and longer tyre life. Read more.
Wheel Balancing
Wheel balancing equalises the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly to avoid vibrations at high speed. Read more.
Free Tyre Consultation
Our team of experienced tyre experts will help you choose the right tyre specifications and solutions that meet your requirement. Contact us.
Toll Free Support
We are committed to providing quality service and expert advice that you can rely on. Simply call our toll free number 800 TYRES (89737).
Mobile Auto Services
We offer easy and convenient tyre change services to customers at their home or office. Our fully equipped mobile van can change tyres, balance tyres and fit them at your doorstep or even sort out a tyre situation on the roads.
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